Our history

When I was a business school student, I decided to enter the world of lingerie. I applied for student entrepreneur status to fulfill my dream and pursue my studies at the same time.

Having some ideas in mind, I went to Turkey to choose the best fabrics, talk with some designers, but especially to be present during the manufacturing so that the products fit me perfectly. I want to remove the codes set by society and create a new vision for underwear.

I opted for the name "nu-age d'or" because The golden age(âge d'or) is synonymous with abundance, happiness, prosperity: this is the message I want to convey with this brand.

I combined Golden Age(âge d'or) with "Nude(nu)" because nudity is the purest and simplest state of Man.


Nu-âge d'or is a brand of lingerie that produces underwear for everyone, including all minorities in our society.

I decided to create my own brand by wanting to sell good quality lingerie at affordable prices, which is rather rare, especially for LGBTQ + products.

This brand doesn't exists only for profit, but also above all, so that in every product there is a message: we must all be united with our own differences in order to support each other.

We want to offer a range of services to provide you with the ideal shopping experience on NU-AGE D'OR.

Our website is available in 2 languages ​​(French and English).

We also have a multilingual customer service, always ready to help you with any problem encountered during your experience with us. We want to offer you a delivery service that will allow you to receive your orders as soon as possible.

Our products are entirely made in Turkey for a matter of textile quality and weaving.


NU-ÂGE D'OR is a mark without discrimination, without borders, without language barriers, without ethnicity, without color difference, including each minority for the purpose of equality and solidarity among all.